Sundays Are for Stories

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This is what Sunday morning writing looks like here at the Verni house. As I’m now officially over 33,000 words of building this story—probably my most complicated story to create to date—I am feeling the hum of the characters, the movement of the story, the connection of my 5 characters, and the way this story will end up. It’s a great feeling to know you’re on track with the story you want to tell—that the characters are yearning for you to tell.
I write relationship-driven fiction. It comes from a place of understanding the nuances of people and what potentially drives them (or does not drive them). This book is about getting a signal of hope, about messages of kindness, about endearing people who have lost their way, but with the help of one person, things begin to change for them. It’s ultimately a story about hope. And I don’t know about you, but these days, I need to hear (or write) a story about hope when so much around us feels absolutely hopeless. 😔
We have the capacity to rebound and find redemption, to find ourselves again, and to move forward on a path that brings us some damn happiness in life. ☺️
This is the story I am writing from this view on my porch.

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