Podcast 12: Creating An Author Platform and Press Kit

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This is a snapshot of the article that was featured last Friday in Shore Monthly, a magazine for those on the Eastern Shore. My newest novel, Little Milestones, is set in the quaint, historic town of St. Michaels. Photo is by Caroline Phillips. Story is by Bri Green. I am full of appreciation for these two women.

Hello, Readers!

Today’s podcast covers how to create an author platform and a press kit and the reasons why you need both.

I’ll be discussing aspects to include on your blogs, how to keep them up-to-date, and the ways in which you should be using all aspects of your platform to brand yourself.

I’m sharing these pieces, as well, so that you can see here what I’m talking about (you can also click on my PRESS KIT here to see what I’ve included online on my blog).

Feel free to ask me any questions whatsoever as you listen. I am happy to answer anything that’s unclear or provide further guidance. Remember, I’m trying to keep these podcasts on the shorter side, so I may not cover everything you’re interested in learning about author platforms, so don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thanks for checking out today’s podcast.

Sending much love to you all during this crazy time.




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This is my “writer resume.” I made this in canva.com and imported it as a png file into my blog under the PRESS KIT area.


This is a fact sheet about my books. I include this, as well as my writer bio and the press release below as part of my PRESS KIT along with a copy of my book when I send the package along to the media.
Sample of PRESS RELEASE. Be sure to include all your contact information on here so the media can contact you. (I have mine hidden as it includes my personal phone number; however, when sending a paper copy along with your book to media outlets, be sure to include all contact information).

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