Podcast 10 – A Little About My Books & Storytelling to Help You Write Your Stories


So…in this podcast, I recorded it from my back porch, replete with airplanes flying overhead and a noisy crow in the background (I think I even got a little choked up—seriously—and coughed, only briefly). But that’s how we do it here on Steph’s Scribe: we keep it real. Real talk about real stuff with no edits.

I thought I would take a moment to talk about my books and my storytelling. The intention here is to share how I got from point A to point B…and it is entirely meant to kick those of you who need it in the ass to get yourselves writing! So often we say we have a great book idea, but the cool part is, we can get started writing it, persevere, and watch a book come to fruition when we publish it.

Once again, think of me as your cheerleader. I’m here to prompt you to action!

So, with that said, here’s PODCAST 10, with a little bit of nature, planes, and a two-second cough to demonstrate that it’s okay to be imperfect in the messy process of following your dreams.



Podcast 10


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Stephanie Verni is Professor of Communication at Stevenson University. She has authored five works of fiction and one academic text on Event Planning. Her character-driven books are set in beautiful Maryland locations and examine the realities of the human heart. Connect with her on Instagram at stephanie.verni or on Twitter at @stephverni. Or, visit her Amazon page at Stephanie Verni, Author.

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