Teaser Ads for LITTLE MILESTONES and a Bit About the Novel

img_9349Set in beautiful St. Michaels, Maryland, my newest novel delves into the notion of the importance of family, friendship, moving on, and starting over. The idea of bringing in some of the characters from Inn Significant into this new story was an absolute thrill for me, and I did my best to do so for those who loved my previous novel. However, Little Milestones can be read alone—as a stand alone novel—without having previously read Inn Significant.

These teaser ads below reflect the style of writing you will find in the book.

As a writer, I try to write as realistic fiction as I can, borrowing from people and situations I’ve had in my own life or have learned about from the lives of others. Our main character, Olivia, has gone through a divorce, and decides to leave New York City and her job as an event planner for a magazine to move back to her roots in Maryland. Her grandmother, Nan, lives in St. Michaels, and suggests decompressing in her house in town after losing her own husband to cancer the year prior. Olivia takes her up on that offer, and in doing so, begins to find her way as a member of the community. With back stories heard from the perspectives of Nan, as well as narration from Miles Channing (who was in Inn Significant), Olivia’s main narration drives the novel.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of my newest work. It began last year during National Novel Writing Month, as I accepted the challenge to write and publish a novel within a year of starting it.


Because I’m crazy and because I wanted to show my students that where there is a will, there is a way.

Thanks for following along on my writing and publishing journey. I appreciate you, my loyal blog followers.




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