Scientists Say This Helps You Look Sexy

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Any Jane Austen is fine with me! Don’t I look “sexy” reading? 😉

What’s the last book you’ve read cover to cover and LOVED?

If you can’t answer this question, maybe you’re not reading enough. And if you’re not reading enough, you may not be getting the benefits of reading, which include these scientific facts below.

  1. Reading makes you more empathic
  2. Reading helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Reading makes you more apt to lean something new every day
  4. Reading helps your memory
  5. Reading helps your critical thinking skills
  6. Reading expands your vocabulary
  7. Reading helps people get ahead in life & career
  8. Reading makes you seem intelligent, which is regarded as sexy, especially by women
  9. Reading helps fuel your imagination
  10. Reading develops a person’s ability to write

If Number 8 doesn’t make you want to read, here’s another cool fact to consider:
Independent bookstores are on the rise, and people are enjoying reading—it’s a great way to decompress from the world, sink yourself into a story, and support the local community.

And don’t forget your library! They have books for you for FREE! How great is it that you can get such pleasure out of a free service!

Summer is a great time to read, especially if you’re tired of holding a device in your hand and you just want to relax a little. Try holding a book instead! They smell good, and you’ll look “smart” and “sexy!”

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