A Valentine’s Poem

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What the heck. How about a little Valentine’s poem written by yours truly?

Happy Valentine’s Day, you all.

I hope it’s a great one.



The Part That Came After | by Stephanie Verni

Lovely, lovely…

Thoughts of you gallup through my mind

On a rollercoaster of ifs and whats

And then there was then

The part that came after

The heart and its mend.


Memories, Memories…

Linger beyond the time we spent

Laughing and fighting and laughing some more

Until our sides split

The part that came after

A silliness fit.


Faraway, Faraway…

Places we went are in my mind

Visions of you in the sun and the rain

A lightning strike

The part that came after

You held me so tight.


©Stephanie Verni, 2019




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