Life Philosophies, Not Resolutions This Year

This year I decided to do something different.

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that we forget two weeks into the year, I decided to adopt some life philosophies full of wisdom and put them into action the whole year long.

I love quotes, sayings, and the ability that people have to say succinctly what I’m thinking, hence the use of so many quotes, some from well-known folks and some that were posted anonymously that I found searching for the right ones for me.

What follows are the ones that speak to me the loudest.

And what follows are the ones I plan on adopting in 2019.

May all your dreams come true this upcoming year.

May you enjoy happiness and love and success.

And may you always be you.



As a writer, I have to refrain from trying to compare myself to other writers. The only thing I can be is true to myself, my characters, and the story I am trying to relate. I love writing, you guys. I won’t ever quit this thing, but going forward, I will always allow the story to guide me and will consider myself as lucky that I have been chosen to tell a story that is within me to you.



At my age, I have no time for crap and pettiness and bull honkey. Each day I strive to be better than I was the day before, and if you like me, I’m so happy. If you don’t, it’s okay, too. I’m optimistic and upbeat most days, and I love my my family, my friends, my students, and my jobs. But for those who only want to use friendship for things that suit only them, I’m checking out from here on out.



My husband told me this was the best one I picked. And therefore, I’m adopting it. The bottom line is not to let others—or their actions—affect you. Just be you, do your thing, and allow happiness to become a light within you. Let go of things that have hurt or have bothered you; they are over. Move forward with an open heart. I love this one.



I will never apologize for the time I spend writing and trying my damnedest to be a good, solid storyteller. I love writing. And this, my friends, is my ultimate goal. To have you enjoy a book that I write…to be taken away by a story and the people I put in them…and to have you possibly recommend one of my books to someone. I’ll keep working hard at it, that I promise.



Being bitten by the travel writing bug in the courses I teach at Stevenson University, I am a firm believer in this quote from the Dalai Lama. It’s my philosophy, for sure. I love traveling, exploring, and being a part of a place. My dream one day is to live in Italy for the summer, to become immersed in the culture and connect with the people. I can’t wait to see what trips we take in 2019. Travel opens your mind…and helps you find yourself.


2019 life philosophies-1

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way. I love this. Again, this quote has a little bit to do with travel, but a lot to do with making memories. One of the things we decided to do as a family is to do away with more material gifts, and give the gift of travel to each other. Over the past three years, we’ve been able to get away on some fantastic vacations. We are making memories that will last our lifetimes, and I’m so happy for it. More to come in 2019.



I learned more about life in my forties than I did in any other decade—and it wasn’t always pleasant. But that’s life. Now that I’ve experienced what Nora Ephron said, I am wiser and better for all of my experiences. Now I can move ahead knowing that I’m still learning, thank goodness. What a horrible existence it would be if we didn’t continue to learn. I say that to my students regularly. I love learning, and the bumps in the road just make me a better version of myself. I hope I never lose the curiosity that keeps me going.



This one’s snarky, but true. In the last two years, I’ve come in contact with some not very nice people. Avoid them at all costs. Your happiness depends upon it.



This is another one I love, and it’s about always tapping into your creativity, your mind, and your talents from Sophia Loren, who has defied age. I look to her as a role model with her approach to life. I plan on adopting this immediately. I never want to lose my creative spirit.



I could write a long essay about the times I’ve felt left out or ignored by people. On the flip side, I could also write pages and pages about the people who are always willing and able to give you their time, be a friend, and include you in anything and everything they do. Friendship is a two-way street, and it requires effort and dedication. By the same token, friendship should never be a tit-for-tat; we all go through things that challenge our ability to be a good friend. Friendship is love. It’s forgiveness. And it’s the ability to understand that sometimes we have to give a little more than we take.


There you have it, readers. Those are my NEW PHILOSOPHIES for 2019.

Did I miss anything that you think might be helpful for me? If so, please share.

And much love to you all for a wonderful 2019.



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