Why I Bought the Bumblebee Tights

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 11.21.12 AMIf you’ve seen Me Before You or read the novel by Jojo Moyes, you know what the bumblebee tights are all about, right?

In the book and film, the bumblebee tights symbolize Louisa’s independence—and her vivacious spirit—that which Will encourages her to fully embrace and to, in his words, “live boldly.”

After I read the third installment of the Me Before You trilogy, and after having faith in the third book titled Still Me to not disappoint me as the second book, After You, did, I was moved entirely by the character’s development. I was relieved to laugh along with her and learn more about her integrity, passions, and capacity to love in that third book. In other words, Jojo Moyes brought Louisa Clark back to the character we grew to love in Me Before You.

As a writer myself, I take into account storytelling, meaning, and the nuances of character growth when I read. I put so much into reading and writing—and in pursuing my own goal of writing some good, solid novels.

For me, the bumblebee tights that I purchased the other day signify my own new spirit: to not be afraid to pursue my dreams as fully as possible. For years, I have self-published my work. This time, I think I have the guts to try and pursue a publisher for my work. I’m striving with my fourth novel to offer readers meaningful, fun, and funny characters who are maneuvering through this world just as we all are.

Therefore, my bumblebee tights are a reminder to do as Will said and LIVE BOLDLY. We only have one life, as he said, and if you want to go for something, you better just hunker down and do it.

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