The Annual Birthday Post – A Poem

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It’s my birthday, and you know what that means…the annual snarky birthday post. I’m celebrating this year’s birthday with a poem…Dr. Seuss style. Enjoy! Thanks for reading Steph’s Scribe!

Happy Birthday Poem

Another year has passed me by

I could laugh but I want to cry

For time has flown without a hitch

This growing old thing is surely a bitch.

One kid off to college—so fully grown

To explore and call the world his own.

The other in high school – independent and bold

With her, we truly broke the mold.

But with aging comes aches and pains

You feels some losses, you feel some gains

You hang on to time, so you take some trips

You visit the doctor for aches in your hip.

You try doing diets, but they never stick,

You go back to the doctor for the ache in your hip.

You see some grey hairs, so you call the salon

The list to be younger goes on and on.

You’ve got Calcium vitamins D, B and C,

And you see a road sign, so you squint to see.

There’s a detour ahead, but you want to stay straight,

Because you’re growing old and don’t want to be late.

To the party they planned to celebrate your day,

No matter the way that your old bod decays.

You’re happy with the way that your life has rolled

So blow out the candles; celebrate being old.


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