BIG NEWS! Book Launch Today! The Postcard and Other Short Stories & Poetry

Book Launch


Three years later, and today is the day.

It’s a strange feeling to let this work go, because I’ve been holding on to all of it for far too long.

Postcard Final CoverAt my father’s suggestion, I decided to put all of this work I’ve created over the years into one collection. I’ve included little stories to warm your heart or make you feel less alone; compiled a little book to take with you on vacation for summer reading; created something you can tackle and finish because the stories are all short, so you can read at your leisure.

It took a long time to pull this collection together because I took time to write, edit, rewrite, finesse, alter, redraft, edit, design, and finally complete each story.

I hope you like what I’ve put together for you.

The book is available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

More to come later this afternoon.

Thanks for your support, all!

An Interview with S. Verni

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