What Matters Most: Reflecting

When you’re about to launch another book into the universe, you have to keep yourself grounded. You can’t set your expectations too high, and you can’t set them too low. You have to keep your feet firmly planted where they are and do the best that you can to spread the word about your books and your writing because it is all about choices: you have chosen this path of self-publishing.

When I begin to become frenzied and nervous, I remind myself over and over again why I do this type of challenging work on the side and why I invest so much time in it. I have to remember what matters most.

The answer comes to me clearly. I do it for love.

For the love of writing.

For the love of storytelling.

To prove to myself that I can put a good product out there.

To be an example for others who have the same dreams and aspirations.

And, quite frankly, because I’d feel incomplete if I didn’t do this work.

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Tomorrow will be a big day. It will be the day book number 4—The Postcard and Other Short Stories and Poetry—will be birthed.

It will go out and have a little life and some people will read it, and from there…

Who knows.

This journey has no guarantees.

No journeys do.

And that’s what makes them so exciting.

This journey has no guarantees. No journeys do. That's what makes it so exciting.

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