Wednesday Wardrobe-The Petite Professor

Spring is finally here! On Sunday, after returning home from a convention with students in chilly Pittsburgh (we experienced snow flurries on our ride home), I finally retired my boots for the season. I packed them away in my chest, and there they will remain until October 1st.

Now, onto clothes that suit this 80 degree weather.

Today’s Wednesday Wardrobe features a chevron dress (got it at a nice consignment store…not sure it was ever worn), a long, flowy black dress, and a short black number with pockets. Oh yeah…and one black hat for good measure.

I do love black clothing, and it will look much better when I get a healthy suntan.

The task that always comes with the change in weather is switching my closets around. That job will take me a full day, as I’ll dissect what I own, give some stuff away, and make room for some new pieces.

Who else is switching out closets?

It’s certainly a chore, but one well worth it to keep your clothes organized.

Until next week, love yourself, no matter your size, shape, or age.

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