Wednesday Wisdom for Parents Based on Two Relatable Quotes


I love both of these quotes about raising kids, by far, the hardest job in the world. Each day you thank your lucky stars that you’ve been blessed with some good ones, but there’s always that parental gene that makes you want to encourage them to grow as people in a positive way in addition continuing to build strong relationships with them.

These relationships formed when they were little, but their trust and their ability to confide in you continues to grow into their teenage years. Having them trust you and your advice and decision-making is important to mutually beneficial relationships.

On the advice of both my husband and me, both of our kids secured jobs while in high school. These jobs have done wonders for their sense of responsibility. They know people count on them to do their jobs, get there on time, perform well, and rely on them to work well with others. These things help build character. We could not be happier or prouder of their ability to balance work, school, and activities, and we are hopeful this will help set them up for success as they move through life.

Likewise, the ability to keep that open dialogue with your children so that they know they can confide in you about certain things makes for special relationships that can continue to grow and flourish. We’ve had our bumpy roads for sure, but our kids know they can count on us for anything, and that the advice we give will only ever be for their benefit.

For these reasons, I’m sharing two terrific quotes today for Wednesday Wisdom about parenting…two I like a lot.

When you give your children certain life lessons, and they come and ask you for additional advice, you say to yourself, 'I've done my job,' and you'll continue to do your job. Joe Morton


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