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Hi, you guys! I am very excited to share with you my very first PODCAST! With some advice from some of my super-techno-savvy students who broadcast their own podcasts, I decided that creating a podcast was something I wanted to incorporate into my blogging life.

In light of the kick-off of National Novel Writing Month and to celebrate National Author’s Day, I’m sharing my very first, 5-minute podcast with you.

Let’s embrace writing…and let’s get excited about it…together.

Steph’s Scribe FIRST PODCAST

Getting You Motivated and Ready to Write


  • r.Douglas

    I was a bit surprised at the high tech quality of your first podcast. As for content, I often forget how the place in which one writes influences the tone and quality of the effort. Thanks.

    Good luck.

      • r.Douglas

        Thanks. I wanted to ask, but feared being pegged nosy, about the tools you used. I’ve used GarageBand when I Mac, and Acoustica: Mixcraft when I worked Windows. I used, for the most part, a mid-level Blue microphone. Mind sharing your mic of choice? Thanks again.

  • Kristin Baione

    This is fantastic. It is exactly what I needed to hear to get me motivated to start writing this month. I’ve been struggling to figure out why I was uninspired to write parts of my novel. Carving out time wasn’t my issue, but after hearing you mention finding a space… I realized that was what was holding me back. It is my goal to find that special space today. Thank you!

    Perhaps occasionally you can incorporate a question and answer segment where readers/listeners ask questions regarding an upcoming topic that you plan to discuss. Please keep recording podcasts! You are AMAZING!

    Kristin <3

    • Steph's Scribe

      Thank you for that comment. Yes, I will absolutely love to take questions…do I do that through the blog post? Like…”Here’s what I’ll be talking about; if you have any questions post them in the comments area and I will address them” ?

  • Anonymous

    I just HAPPEN to be leaving tomorrow for a creative writing weekend at the beach! Thank you for this. #GettingOffMyDuff #Carving

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