The Town of Oxford Awaits You

Plein Air Day, Oxford, Maryland


On Sunday, July 16, the Town of Oxford in Maryland will host Plein Air Day, whereby artists come to town to paint scenes of Oxford and its waterways. Artists set up in various locations in the town, and it’s a great way to watch artists in action and see their works. The day will be filled with other festivities as well, including tours of the town, rides on the historic ferry, free coffee with the purchase of muffin at Oxford Market, music, and lots of activities for everyone.


If you’ve read my novel, Inn Significant, you may remember the bookstore in town, which is real. It’s called Mystery Loves Company, and the store has arranged for me to sign books in the park next to the bookstore from 1 – 3 p.m. Local artist and former Oxford resident Linda Luke will be on hand as well. Come visit us!

Plus, if you liked the novel, you’ll be able to retrace Milly’s steps and find your way to the Scottish Highland Creamery or dine on the water and crack crabs as she did with Miles. You can even try to guess which home she might have purchased on S. Morris Street.


Oxford is a truly special little town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is the setting of my novel and a place that seems to call me to come visit quite often. If you do visit, don’t forget to take a peek at the Sandaway Inn on the Tred Avon River adjacent to the Oxford Ferry. That particular Inn was the inspiration for the novel, and I can’t wait to stop by and say hello.


To read a full article from the Talbot Spy about the event, click here. It has more about this exciting day in Oxford.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 1.13.35 PMHope to see you in Oxford!


Stephanie Verni is Professor of Business Communication at Stevenson University and is the author of Inn Significant, Baseball Girl, and Beneath the Mimosa Tree. Along with her colleagues Leeanne Bell McManus and Chip Rouse, she is a co-author of Event Planning: Communicating Theory and Practice, published by Kendall-Hunt.


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