Our Garden Inspired by Literature


As an avid reader and writer, the books I have read over the years have influenced me or affected me in so many different ways, it would be difficult to pinpoint each one  and just how important they have been. However, an easier aspect to address would be gardens we read about it literature, and just how much those references have influenced the garden at our home.

When we read authors such as Jane Austen, Rosamunde Pilcher, or Maeve Binchy, strolls through the garden are quite commonplace; there are often descriptions of lush gardens with colorful flowers. There is something incredibly romantic about blooming gardens, and I’ve always loved authors who incorporate descriptions of the landscape of gardens and flowers into their stories. Additionally, because yours truly is a hopeless romantic, I always dreamed of having a garden that resembles an English one, and I think we’re pretty close to achieving that goal.


As this year marks our second year of new landscaping on the property we bought three years ago, I’ve enjoyed watching the garden spring back to life. It’s much richer than it was last year, and our landscape architect, who totally got what I wanted when I mentioned the words “English cottage garden,” nailed the fact that we wanted color blooming all season. Right now, we have purples, yellows, oranges, and even some pinks in the front garden, with more stages of blooms to come. His design ensured that we’d have pops of color from spring through the fall.

Last night’s weather gave us some interesting skies, and although we never got the severe storms the weather folks predicted, the skies grew dark for a bit, and then, the sky brightened and turned an interesting color, which I tried my best to capture with my Nikon.








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