Our Fairy Gardens: One in a Container, One in the Garden


For my daughter and me, springtime means it’s time to dust off our fairies and get ready to build this year’s fairy garden. In an effort to try something new, and inspired by a container fairy garden I saw displayed at Homestead Gardens, I decided to surprise my daughter with a pretty container and some new accessories to build part of our fairy garden. We actually have so much stuff, we decided to split up our fairies into the “little container fairy garden” that will be displayed on our back porch, and the one in the front garden as you enter the house.

This was our inspiration for the container fairy garden from Homestead Gardens.
This was our inspiration for the container fairy garden from Homestead Gardens.

It was a lot of fun sharing this time together, being creative, and hunting for the items we wanted to add to this year’s garden. If you haven’t built a fairy garden with your daughter, I highly suggest it. When we reminisced on how we got started with this annual project, it all started with a Hallmark Christmas movie we watched called “Christmas With Holly,” about a little girl who loses her mother and has to live with her three uncles. Along the way, Holly meets a toy store owner who happens to have a beautiful fairy house, and she believes her mother may be a fairy watching over her from that toy house. That was it. My daughter and I were so enamored with the story that we decided to create our very own fairy garden.

If you’re wondering if fairy gardens do, indeed, have magical powers, I happen to believe they do.

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature. —Lynn Holland

The Container Fairy Garden Photos






Outdoor Fairy Garden in the Front Garden





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