Opening The Door to Love or Closing the Door to Love


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In celebration of Valentine’s Day this weekend, instead of a little Friday Fiction, I’m featuring two poems I wrote. I don’t write poetry as much as I did when I was younger, but every once in a while I’m moved to write something. The first poem is about opening up to love in Dr. Seuss rhyming style, and the second is about closing the door to love and being brokenhearted in prose style. I figured I’d cover both bases. Hope yours is rather more like the former and less like the latter.  Happy Valentine’s Weekend…

If Only You Dare | by S. Verni

Love can grow from the smallest of things

From date nights and kissing to wedding rings.

It sneaks up behind you when you won’t know

That it’s time to give it one more go.

The heartbreak you weathered doesn’t stand a chance

When standing before you is a taste of romance.

For when love is ready, you must be prepared

To face it head on; there’s no time to be scared.

And when it greets you at your front door,

You cannot remember the old scars you bore.

Face it willingly, without any shame,

There’s still time for you and the romance game.

Open your heart and throw away your cares

Love is waiting for you, if only you dare.

Heart Art | Keith Haring
Heart Art | Keith Haring

I Loved You All At Once | By S. Verni

I loved you all at once—

Then nothing.

Like a hallowed pumpkin,

Or a house without walls,

Emptiness echoes in barren halls.


I loved you all at once—

Thrashing lava,

Hot to the core—blazing;

Fire in the souls ignite,

Killing me softly with each passing night.


I loved you all at once—

Powerfully charged,

Yet what was hot can still grow cold,

Withering in pain,

Swearing to never love again.

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  • Leonora Dixon

    Thank you for all the lovely saying you give me every time I read your e-mails have a great Valentine’s day again I thank you love peachy

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