Stuff Those Stockings with Books

Baseball Girl and Beneath the Mimosa Tree are both available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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This week, I’ve received a couple of nice reviews for Baseball Girl. Ironically, both of these kind words have come from men, which makes me happy. I’m so glad to know men are enjoying the book as much as women; after all, there are three main characters who are men in the book—Archie, Francesca’s dad; Joe, the Blackbirds’ star outfielder; and Jack, a reporter for the newspaper. All three of these men hold special places in our protagonists’ heart.

In my role as a “promoter of reading,” I’d like to suggest stuffing your loved ones’ stockings with books. They make a great gift…one that can last for days, or even in hearts for years to come. When we get the opportunity to power down and enjoy a good book, the pleasure is sweet. Instead of plopping down money on lots of electronics–which are fun, too–save a little bit of cash for books your family, friends, or significant other might enjoy.

I forget who said it, but I read a quote from someone who said, “Books were meant to be written in…make notes in…and comment on the pages.” I really love this. Or, if at the bare minimum you just write your name in the book, it becomes yours to share and pass along to others who might enjoy a good story.

Share the gift of storytelling this holiday season. Writers spend time writing stories for you to read…

We need you.


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