Random (And I Do Mean Random) Thoughts

I haven’t blogged in over a week, and I was thinking about all the different things on which I could write a blog post. Instead of one focused topic, I decided to go the route of all the random thoughts that have come in and out of my head over the last week. They are as follows:

Random Thought #1 : James Corden is Hilarious

I first got to know James Corden when he played Keira Knightley’s best friend in “Begin Again.” I think he’s hilarious and charming. Then, this week, I saw the clip of Corden and Stevie Wonder singing in the car together, and that sent me over the edge. I love British humor, and he’s just about the most adorable British guy out there right now.

Random Thought #2 : If I Were A Political Candidate

If I were a political candidate right now, I would find a platform that many people could associate with and back and build my campaign on that. Shouting campaign slogans such as, “You’ll never have to hear about the Kardashians again,” or “I’m lowering taxes because everyone has a right to afford SJP’s new line of shoes at Bergdorf,” or “There will be no more backups ever on the Interstate, especially on the Baltimore and D.C. betlways,” might be things people could get behind. Finding some new and exciting promises might put a candidate over the top.

Random Thought #3: Weddings Bring Out the Best In People

I just got back from my cousin’s wedding in beautiful Charleston, SC. Not only was the bride stunning, the groom handsome, and the setting picture perfect, but the whole of the event brings out the best in people. Namely, it can bring out the best in long-time marriages, for it reminds you of why you married your spouse in the first place. It’s a great time to reconnect and remember.

The beautiful bride and groom.


My husband and me at the wedding.

Random Thought #4: I’ve Gotten Over My “Fear” of Flying

Recently, I’ve had to take some trips for school and have had to a travel a little bit otherwise. While I used to get very anxious being cooped up on a plane (it wasn’t the flying that bothered me as much as the claustrophobia), I’ve become a much better traveler. Bottom line: If you want to see the world, you must fly. End of story.

Random Thought #5: I’m Not Really Sure What to Say at My Upcoming Book Talk at the Baltimore Book Festival

The kind folks at the Baltimore Book Festival offered me the opportunity to speak for a half an hour on Sunday at Book Fest. I am so honored and flattered to do so. However, I am not sure how to structure my talk, so this week, I’ll be hunkering down and figuring that out. I surely don’t want to bore anyone…


Random Thought #6: I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

My husband bought this pillow for me in Charleston. For obvious reasons, I really love it.


Random Thought #7: Charleston Is A Very Beautiful Place

My husband and I got a little time to stroll Charleston, and it’s as pretty as I remembered it being when I last visited. It boasts Southern charm, lovely scenery, good eats, and friendly people. Not too soon after our plane landed, we headed for Hominy Grill, a restaurant we had dined in when I was pregnant with our first child. I got this mug on that trip, and it was great to go back. The Fried Green Tomatoes were the best I’ve ever eaten and the Shrimp & Grits weren’t too bad, either.


Random Thought #8: My ‘Book Club Babes’ and Other Friends Rock

Last Friday I hosted book club at my house. I turned 50 back in August, and it was a total surprise when I opened the door and found my friends standing before me with roses, black balloons (yes, ha-ha, very funny), and cards, as they recited a birthday poem to me. I am very lucky to have found so many sweet and considerate new friends over the last couple of years, from my supper club friends who celebrated with me the night before my birthday, neighborhood friends, and my book club friends, not to mention my long-time friends who took me out for a night of fun. Thanks to all of you. You made turning 50 delightful.




That’s all folks. Hope you have a great week. And if you feel like it, visit me at the Baltimore Book Festival on Sunday, September 27. I’ll be raffling off some books and a pair of tickets to an Orioles game.

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