Sentimental Teacups: My Bridal Shower was Paradise in a Teacup

image4-4The reason you become sentimental about certain gifts is because the gifts were given to you by people you love.

Okay, wait. Rewind. First we have to go back in time.

I’m writing this post today because I just displayed some sentimental treasures that were given to me 18 years ago when my husband and I married. My friends hosted a bridal shower—a high tea—at a cute little place called Paradise in a Teacup.

Me, unwrapping lots of presents and teacups, 1997.
Me, unwrapping lots of presents and teacups, 1997.
What was so special about that afternoon was that each friend, cousin, and mom and mom-in-law-to-be gave me a teacup as a remembrance of the day. Today, I unboxed them, dusted them off, washed them, and redisplayed them in my cabinet. When I moved here two summers ago, I sort of just put things in places, and didn’t take the time to consider all my sentimental items and where I wanted them displayed. These teacups stand for love and friendship, and I want to showcase them properly.

One of the most sentimental things about receiving gifts when you marry or have a baby is remembering fondly who gave them to you. These teacups are from England, Ireland, Austria, the United States, and many other places. Each one has its own personality and each lady chose one she liked. I think each teacup reflects each of their personalities as well.

I hope my dearest friends—the ones who attended and planned that shower—take a peek at this post and find the teacup they gave me that day.

I love all the teacups and all of you.



Photos by Ellie Verni







The table setting at the shower in 1997 with the teacups!

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