6 Ways to Wear Makeup That Doesn’t Age You

That’s me above. I swear by foundation. I wear it every single day … I also love SJP’s dewy look. I get it by using Boots Highlights. Another tip I learned from a makeup artist years ago is to fill in your eyebrows with a light pencil…nothing heavy. She said, and I quote her directly, “Your eyebrows accentuate your eyes. Think of them as the frame to your eyes.” I have never forgotten this wonderful tip.

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You can probably tell if you scroll through my past posts over that last few years that I’m kind of dreading turning 50 next month (I just lied…I am absolutely dreading turning 50 next month. Yikes.). I’m not quite sure how I got here, but alas, it is about to happen. You can control some things, but you can’t control aging. So, without turning to Botox or plastic surgery, I have to resort to other tactics that will help me feel beautiful and fresh (and young), and they pretty much revolve around using makeup to my advantage.

I’ve heard people say that makeup ages you. This is not true.

Badly applied makeup ages you.

If you know some tricks and how to execute them properly, you’ll feel better about yourself. Take the time to make an appointment with a makeup artist and have her show you some techniques for your particular skin type, coloring, and texture. In the meantime, here are some tips I stand by with my makeup routine.

1. Don’t believe that makeup ages you

As we age, our skin changes. Sun spots and other aging processes take place. Often women say, “I don’t wear makeup,” and yet, I think it’s not that they don’t want to wear makeup, but they haven’t learned how to do it properly—or easily. My makeup routine in the morning takes all of about 4 minutes from start to finish. It’s fast and easy. I’ve got it down to a science. And it doesn’t age me, but rather smooths things out and leaves me feeling pretty good about myself.

2. Find fabulous foundation

Wearing foundation that suits your skin type and coloring helps even out your skin and give it a glow. Plus, foundation has SPF in it. How great is that to have SPF 15 in your foundation and not have to worry about being in the sun? You are already protected. Big bonus. I wear foundation 365 days a year to protect my skin as much as possible. But, if you’re someone who feels coated by wearing foundation, here is the best tip I know: wet a makeup sponge and then dab the foundation on it. BootsHighlightsApply it with a wet sponge and it dilutes the foundation a bit. It will leave you feeling fresher. Also, there are lines of foundation that are less heavy, so choose one that suits you. To get Sarah Jessica Parker’s dewy look, use a highlight cream such as the one pictured here by Boots (I get it at Target), and strategically dab and rub it into spots on your face that naturally glow, such as your mid forehead, your inner cheekbones, and chin.

3. Brighten your eyes

A white highlighter pencil should be one of your best friends. It opens up the eyes and makes them look brighter. You want to put it on the eye in the very inside corners of the lower lid and slightly up on the upper inside lid. See the image of the eye to see exactly where the white pencil should go.

4. Bat those eyes

Again, in order to accent the eyes—which are most people’s best feature—you will want to play them up a little with mascara. This does not mean you have to load the mascara on. In fact, too much heavy eye makeup can age you, while just the right amount will help people focus on the windows to your soul.

5. Blush it properly

Applying blush to the right spots will help accentuate your features, but you must apply it in the right space. Typically, starting slightly below the cheekbones and moving upward is the most flattering way to wear it. YOU DON’T NEED A LOT OF IT. Adding just a little pink or light red will make your face glow. Overdoing it will just make your face look ridiculous. Choose a color that suits your skin tone. Again, a makeup artist is your best bet to get your colors right.

If you’ve got two minutes, check out this video by Maybelline that shows you how to apply blush naturally.

6. Create kissable lips

There’s so much you can do with lips—you can keep them natural or play them up with color. As with blush, colors should be chosen carefully. What looks good on your friend may not be the right shade for you. The key to looking more youthful is to wear it so that it looks natural, yet polished.


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