“It’s All In the Bag” — Items for Your Pool or Beach Bag


Scout bag. Check.

Suntan lotion. Check.

Face lotion. Check.

Flip Flops. Check.

Bathing Suit. Check.

Towel. Check.

Sunglasses. Check.

Bike. Check.

We all have our pool and beach bags, and what we keep inside them is still important as we hit the midway point of summer. Summer is not over—there are many more weeks of it ahead of us, and it’s as important to take care of and protect our hair, skin, and eyes now as we did when we first started getting a little sun on our bodies.Water&book

One of my favorite purchases has been my Scout bag. I love that it’s water resistant and has ample room to carry all the aforementioned items in it. The pool I belong to is about two blocks away, and I often ride my bike there (hence the basket). Wearing sunblock (I prefer 50 or more on the body) that is waterproof is important if you like to get in the water a lot. Sunglasses are a necessity to both protect your eyes and help you from not squinting all day long.

Water is imperative for our bodies, especially when we can easily become dehydrated by the hot sun and humidity. Be sure to keep drinking to help keep you healthy.

Other items not pictured include lip balm with SPF, your cell phone (though, really, it’s summer…try not to pay as much attention to that thing as you normally do), and a hat to protect your hair, especially if your hair is color-treated.

Lastly, no bag is complete without a good book in it. That’s what summertime is all about: rejuvenation, relaxation, and reading a good book.

What else do you keep inside your bag besides those I’ve mentioned?


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