Putting Beachy Waves in Your Hair

During a few free moments of boredom today, I decided to watch a YouTube video on how to put beachy waves in your hair. I recently cut about 6 inches off and, like the girl in the video, got a similar Julianne Hough haircut. Sometimes I let it go natural, but often I straighten it. I’ve tried getting the beachy waves, but it never looked quite right. So…it was time for a lesson.

I followed the advice offered, and tried it at home. The result is below.image

One of the reasons women are afraid to cut length off their hair is because they fear they will lose the versatility and options long hair offers. While we may not have as many options, shorter hair can be fun, too. You just have to be willing to try new approaches, techniques, and see how others with hair your length are styling it these days.

Personally, I feel a little spunkier with shorter hair.

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