8 Gift Ideas for Housewarmings and Summer Parties


You have been invited over for a summer barbecue, party, or housewarming, and you want to bring a gift, but you are having trouble deciding on that special thing. In a case like this, it’s a good idea to think a little outside the box; while a bottle of wine or Grey Goose may be nice, you may want to offer your host and/or hostess a keepsake to enjoy, or perhaps even offer something that is fun or appropriate to the occasion. I know personally that when I receive a gift from someone, every time I use that particular item when I entertain, I fondly remember who gave it to me. There’s usually some sort of sentimental notion behind it.


Instead of that bottle of wine or dessert, here are 8 ideas for you to consider as gifts for your host or hostess. However, the truth is, no matter what you bring, they will be thankful for your kindness and thoughtfulness and appreciative that you took the time to attend their event.

[1]  Taste of Italy Basket | Wine Country Gifts | http://www.winecountrygifts.com



[2]  Pewter Crab Mallet | Silver & Pewter Gifts | http://www.silver&pewtergifts.com

$ 12.50 each


[3]  Bocce Ball Set | Pier 1 Imports | http://www.pier1.com



[4] Floral Italian Wine Glasses Gift Box | Smart Furniture | http://www.smartfurniture.com



[5] Franklin Advanced Badminton Set | Midland Hardware | http://www.MidlandHardware.com


FourthofJulyCookieGiftCollectionEleni'sNew York.com

[6} Fourth of July Cookie Gift Collection| Eleni’s New York | http://www.elenis.com


PersonalizedWoodBeerTastingSet with mini pilsnersAgiftpersonalized.com

[7] Personalized Wood Beer Tasting Set with mini Pilsners | A Gift Personalized | http://www.agiftpersonalized.com


Homemade Goodies - Sweets & Treats

[8] Homemade Goodies – Sweets & Treats |


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