Preparing to Launch! A Personal Letter to Readers.

What'sComingDear Readers,

I don’t often go on and on about all the different responsibilities an independent author has to tackle on a daily basis, but none is greater than getting your books ready for that “big release.” I can see the finish line. I am almost there.

In addition to the release of my almost three-year project “Baseball Girl,” a novel about a woman’s experience with loss, love, and relationships while working in the baseball big leagues, which is (very) loosely based on my own experiences, I’ve also been writing and putting together a collection of short stories and poetry. I’m shooting to have both on the market in February. The covers for each are above.

I am but one person. Even though the word that goes before author—independent—appears to be a lonely one, it is not an independent journey at all. There are so many people you rely on for input and editing, from family and friends, to those who are willing to help you out when you pose a question on social media. I’m so thankful that people are interested and helpful, and for the most part, are encouraging and want to see you succeed.

While it’s not time to toast with a glass of Champagne yet, it will be soon. Until then, I’ll continue to prepare these ships for launch.

Lots of love and have a great weekend,


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