My Precious 45 RPM Records (are in the box)

The Box From My Parents
The Box From My Parents

Last night my parents dropped off a box they found while cleaning out their basement. They brought it to me, and I was surprised to see what was inside.

Obviously, if you either (a) follow my blog, or (b) know me personally, you know that I LOVE MUSIC and always have. As a kid, I would would listen to 8-track tapes, these babies pictured here on my record player, and I’d write down Casey Kasem’s Top 40 each week. Every song. Every week.

I’ve always enjoyed the pleasure of music, play the piano a little, and spend money each year to see concerts and Broadway musicals. I love everyone from Sting to Mr. Buble to Usher to Eminem to The Rolling Stones and Van Halen. I listen to classical music when I’m working and our Christmas library of songs grows each year.

These 45s remind me of how I first fell in love with music of all types. They represent my childhood. They also remind me of playing my music loudly in my room and having my parents tell me to turn it down. Ah, the memories!

But how sweet that they kept these 45s all these years for me. I will treasure them always.Old45s45coversOriolesMagic

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  • Anonymous

    Just let us know if and when you’re ready for our collection of 33 & 1/3 albums! We have some “goodies” there too.
    Personally, I love to listen to music when, in the warm months, I swim in the pool….that is a lovely experience.
    Keep humming!

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