A Quick Update on “Baseball Girl”

BballGirlBallsCoverIn answer to the question I have been asked a lot recently, “When is your book coming out?”, I thought I would offer a quick update on where I am in the process of writing and completing my second independent novel.

As you know, the semester has started, and life very quickly jumps into high gear, so the amount of time I have available to write and edit dwindles. Likewise, as I mentioned earlier this summer, my two colleagues and I have signed a contract and are in the process of writing an event planning textbook. In fact, this morning, we reviewed what we’ve complied for Chapter 1.

I am extremely excited about writing an academic work; it is something I haven’t done to this extent. It’s a fabulous learning experience, and, quite frankly, as someone who worked in the business world and then transitioned into teaching, academic writing is a completely different animal than creative or journalistic writing.

As for “Baseball Girl,” I can tell you that I finished editing it. I received feedback from several trustworthy pre-readers and have considered all their comments. All of my own edits have been made in either green or red ink, and now the process continues whereby I perfect the actual Word document.editingpage

I have written the back cover description, the dedication page, and have reworked the cover.

With the reality that the Orioles are going to make it to the playoffs, and knowing that I worked for that very team upon which this fictional novel is based (though they are not called the O’s), one would think it might be a good time to release and market a book that features the word “baseball” in its title.

I’m going to plow through it and see what I can do.

Maybe both the O’s and I will see you in October.


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