Okay. Okay. I’ll Come.

Maya Angelou. 4/4/28 - 5/28/14.
Maya Angelou. 4/4/28 – 5/28/14.

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I know what Maya Angelou meant here. There are times when you sit down to write and nothing comes. Then, there are times when your fingers can’t type as quickly as your brain is working, and the fingers have trouble keeping up with the thoughts that barrel through you.

We lost a great sage, writing influence, and someone with limitless amounts of creativity. Her influence will be missed.

* * * * * *

In Memory of Maya Angelou, A Poem

The ideas don’t flow the way they should;

Noise litters your head—

An angry word, a moment of doubt—

Insecurities pounding, wanting to come in.

Yet pushing forward is what you know.

Climbing, reaching, leaving it behind.

In times of trouble, in times of pain, marching on—

Your feet move faster than your brain.

To greener pastures, liberation unfolds,

Welcoming you to sit and stay.

Dismissed woes are far behind—

Lightness begins—endless, anchorless, limitless.

Bright and blue—vaporizing clouds clear,

Lucidity, streamlined and uncluttered.

And you are left, alone with your thoughts.

Lovely paper greets the pen.

Boundless lessons rising to the top,

Your hand records with effortless grace—

And a smile and a tear.

And the thoughts come.

And the thoughts come.


Copyright 2014/Stephanie Verni

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