Beyond Wrinkles: Appreciating The Lines On Our Faces

8ebac_ORIG-Growing_Old_Is_Not_for_Sissies_Man_Magnet_C11749950If you’ve followed my blog or know me personally, you have probably deduced that I am definitely not down with aging. The thought of it is frightening to me. But something happened to me this past weekend. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I may have a new approach to embracing growing older.

I happened to be around a lot of folks who were my age or older this past weekend, most of them with wrinkles.

You heard me. I said that taboo word: wrinkles.

Something clicked for me. I appreciated the wisdom that they shared. I comprehended their stories. I saw beyond the wrinkles. I found myself looking at an older gentleman admiring the way his face looked, the way he wore his smile, and the way his eyes twinkled as he spoke.

Instead of bemoaning the wrinkles that are starting to form on my face, I’m going to appreciate every laugh line I’ve developed. It means I laugh. It means I’ve loved. It means I’ve smiled.

Instead of worrying about the lines on my forehead, I’ll be thankful I can furrow my brow when I’m angry or puzzled, and that I can squinch up my face when I’m thinking hard. It means my brain is working.

The lines on our faces represent the days and years and events of our lives. Some parts of my life have given me grey hair and deeper lines; not every moment in our lives is an easy one, but it’s how we face those challenges and moments that shape us and mold us. They then are reflected in the way we look.

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Despite the fact that I suffer from migraines and recent research indicates that Botox can help ease these debilitating headaches, I won’t be getting Botox. The thought of altering myself with this toxin, a chemical produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, or injecting my face with it, gives me the willies. Plus, I don’t want my forehead to be in a permanent state of surprise.

Therefore, even in this modern world where many people yearn to be younger, I will have to learn to appreciate this condition called aging, and do the best I can with what I’ve got.

Others do.

So can I.


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