Face the [Mon]day Salesperson…With Enthusiasm

riseupMondays: Does anyone love a Monday morning, when the alarm goes off and you have to face another week of work and responsibilities? It’s not likely, especially when you’ve had a great weekend. But, Mondays greet you 52 times a year, and they stare you down, as you wonder what the week will bring.

You need a salesperson to come in and sell you on Mondays.

“Hey, good morning,” the Monday salesperson would say. “Wake your butt up! A new week is here! Time to shower and dress and get ready for a week of exciting things ahead!”

You would stare the Monday salesperson down, in awe of his or her stupidity. How can a Monday be good? It’s Monday, for crying out loud. Mondays are the worst day of the week.

“Well, of course they are,” the salesperson would say, “with that type of attitude. You need to dump the negativity and look forward to some bright things ahead. Face the day with enthusiasm, not dread. Let’s get going! There’s so much to accomplish!”

Bah-humbug, you would think. This salesperson’s nuttier than a fruitcake. You want him to leave so you can slink back under the covers.

“I won’t let you do that,” the Monday salesperson would say.

“Do what?” you ask, innocently enough.

“Go back under the covers. Look at this stunning day…blue skies…sun is shining. Put on your happy pants and get out of bed.”

Finally, the enthusiasm of the Monday salesperson has beats you down, and you succumb.

You get out of bed. You shower. You force yourself to smile in the shower. You try to whistle while you make your coffee. You tell yourself the commute won’t be bad. You tell yourself it’s going to be a good…no, great…day.

You’re armed and ready for it to begin.

With enthusiasm.



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