Book Club Babes & The Night Circus

DSC_0806Back in November, I attended a book club meeting in Severna Park, my new-old hometown, where I was the guest author. These women were so wonderful and supportive of “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” and our hostess that evening, Molly, along with her cousin, Liane (who grew up in the same neighborhood I grew up in and knew my brother), couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Sure, I love to talk about writing and being an independent author, but I made some friends that night, and they very graciously invited me to permanently join their book club entitled The Book Club Babes.

These women are serious readers . . .  I couldn’t believe the list of books they have read in the seven years that they’ve been together. It’s quite impressive. Molly documents all the books, who hosts the meetings, if there was a theme, and the reviews they gave the book. It’s all quite official, and yet, they have so much fun together. My daughter told me this morning that I must have had fun because we were all laughing so much last night. She was right.

Last night’s meeting was the third I’ve attended with these women, and I am so happy they’ve invited me into their world, on so many levels.

Our book was “The Night Circus.” I had read the book previously, and found it a work of mucho creativity, so when one of our members asked if someone could switch hosting with her, I jumped at the chance and voila! I was hosting a night at a black and white and red circus.

What follows are some pictures of our evening together. I got some of my ideas from Pinterest, but some were my own. Admittedly, it was easy because the theme of the book lent itself to some really magical ideas.

Thanks to all the Book Club Babes—Liane, Molly, Kristin, Courtney, Karen, Janna, Lidia—and I’ll see you next month.



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