Wednesday Wisdom From A Pro

Picasso WisdomFirst:

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom comes from a pro. Pablo Picasso’s work has been emulated and revered. Picasso was a sculptor and a printmaker, but was known for his talents as a painter. It has been noted that he created over 50,000 works of art in his lifetime, living to the ripe old age of 91. Moreover, he was responsible for creating innovative styles of painting, and his works have traveled the world, in addition to being featured in New York City’s Museum of Modern  Art.

I’ve selected Picasso’s quote today because it applies to those of you working in a craft, whether it be art, acting, painting, writing, or whatever else floats your boat. Understanding a craft is inherent to being able to manipulate your craft the way you want it, so it works in your favor.

For those of us who are writers, Stephen King talks about this in his wonderful book entitled “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.” There are terrific things to be learned, and we must understand the rules so well, that when we break them, we do it for a reason.


BTMTNEWCOVER3-17.inddI look forward to today’s book talk on the Stevenson University campus in the library. As part of “The Year of Italian Culture,” the library has invited me to discuss “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” as the novel focuses on two people who are Italian-American. I am delighted to be a part of this celebration, and look forward to chatting not only about the book, but about the craft of writing, of which I am madly in love. I’m so happy and honored to have been asked to participate.

Happy Wednesday.

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