The Monotony of Making Lunches

ProvoloneToday it dawned on me: My kids are old enough to be making and packing their own lunches.

Why has it taken me this long to implement this ingenious idea? And, why haven’t I enforced it sooner?

Honestly, I’ve made the threats. “You two need to make your own lunches!” and “Why am I standing here making lunches, causing myself have an aversion to provolone cheese because it’s 6:45 a.m.?” I’ve said these things aloud. I’m guessing you have too.

One might pose the question: Why not make lunches the night before? It seems like a sensible solution.

Well, I’ve got a sensible answer: because I’m full from dinner and the thought of looking at more food and deciding what someone will want the next day is just too much for my brain to handle at 8:30 at night after I’ve had a full day working and talking and thinking and helping with homework and driving to activities and making dinner and cleaning up dinner. In other words, don’t make me look at or smell provolone cheese before bedtime.

Since we’re getting real here, and honesty is at the forefront of this rant, the real reason that we detest making lunches is because it requires something that not a lot of us want to put into the process—no matter what hour of the day it is—and that’s creativity. The monotony of lunch making is staggering. Add the fruit, the veggie, the snack bag, the sandwich. Put the napkins and drink in the bag.

And please, don’t forget the provolone cheese.


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