It’s My Party, And I Won’t Cry. I Don’t Want To.

Dear Readers,

Yes, I know. I am supposed to be on hiatus, hiding from the blogging world as I attempt to accomplish some other forms of writing and spend time with my family. But it’s tradition that I blog on my birthday. It’s my rite of passage, and it’s a time when I can reflect on some aspect of the last year that I have lived. For what is a birthday if not to celebrate life?

Today’s birthday post will focus on the words that come from someone who is so famous he must be quoted. He has seen and done much. He has traveled the world, entertained us and left us wanting more.

That’s right. Today’s birthday quote is from none other than rocker Sammy Hagar.

“Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.”

Start NewLike me, I am quite certain you are blown away by these insightful, memorable words of wisdom. No one but Sammy has ever thought or said these words before, I’m sure, and so I find myself compelled to write about his quote—his earth-shattering and quite quotable revelation.

This year, like none before, I am starting new. There have been many changes that have occurred over the last several years, and even more specifically, over the course of this past year. Changes in address (we recently moved), changes in my job title (a promotion), changes in my hair (much shorter than it was), changes in attitudes, friendships, wants and needs, and even a vision for our family’s future have all come into play.

Our change of address brought us back to an area where I spent time growing up as a teenager. This move has blessed us with many new friendships, reconnected and allowed us to spend time with old friends, pulled our immediate family closer together, and allowed us to spend even more time with grandparents than we did in the past. Surrounding ourselves with our parents and people who love us tops the list of starting fresh. In fact, we have even thought of calling our new home “Chapter Two,” as it is the second home my husband and I have bought and shared together.

My children will be starting at new schools—I’m excited for them. I moved when I was the age my son is now, and my pleasant and positive memories of my neighborhood and my middle and high schools are the reason we moved back here to begin with. I wanted my children to have the best I could offer them, and we hope they feel similarly enamored with and connected to the place as I do.

Just the other night, my husband and I played doubles tennis together at our club—something we had not taken the time to do until now. The hours we’ve spent together at our new pool and becoming acquainted with our neighborhood include family bike rides, badminton games, social gatherings, and walks together. In essence, I feel as if I’ve decompressed this summer. Part of doing so was taking the hiatus from blogging, and in the end, I can honestly say that I actually HAVE taken time to stop and smell the roses. It’s been wonderful.Who I Used To Be

I should not tease when it comes to Mr. Sammy Hagar’s quote, for you see, he was right; I feel as if I appreciate birthdays this year a little more than I did before. I am not my usual hostile self with regard to celebrating a birthday and aging. I’ve moved past it, as I have with much other past nonsense that came into play over the last year. In fact, I’m more at peace with life than I have been in many moons. For the first time, I am feeling differently about growing older.

Therefore, I can say with complete honesty and humble gratefulness, that I look forward to another year of fresh and exciting rewards.

It’s my party, and I won’t cry. I don’t want to.

* * *

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