Pride and Prejudice: Which One and Why?

This is my favorite book of all time.

P&PBookIt’s my mother’s copy, which she lent to me and will never get back.

I love that it cost 45 cents.

I love that it has my mother’s original highlights in it. She studied English and Literature, and I do pay attention to the notations when I read it.bookopen

Nothing today costs 45 cents, not even a postage stamp (that will cost you 46 cents)…but perhaps you could get a piece of candy or solitary nail.

So the question then becomes, which of the two films of note would you select as your favorite depiction of “Pride & Prejudice”?

I’ve heard arguments for both, and I do have my choices for different reasons, which I will not yet reveal.


But Austen fans usually have something to say. So, what say you?

Is Colin Firth your Mr. Darcy of choice, or is it Matthew Macfadyen? Which Elizabeth do you find yourself identifying with most, Keira Knightly’s Elizabeth or Jennifer Ehle’s version? And which Mr. Collins makes your skin crawl and makes you laugh at the same time?

It’s the best story…and if you take the time to read it and then watch the films, you can understand Ms. Austen’s fantastic handle on people, culture, manners, romance, and the sense of the period.

And let’s not forget her amazing sense of humor.



  • Mom

    Not my favorite book, but a pick in my top 10. Colin Firth is my vote for the Darcy role, but the Keira K. film is the most enjoyable adaptation in my humble opinion. FYI: it’s amazing how much pleasure 45 cents was able to buy!

  • Julie Wagner

    Love it! Mr. Darcy Colin Firth by far, Elizabeth – Keira Knightly. Love the book, love the movies. The PBS version is the best, and I believe most true to the book.

  • bewitchedchristian

    I loved the PBS version of Pride and Prejudice. Then again, it was the first adaptation I ever saw of Pride and Prejudice.
    So, Pride and Prejudice is your favorite novel. Yes, I would agree not much is available for 45 cents any more. It happens to be my favorite novel as well. I read it several years ago, when I got it for Christmas (yes, my friends and family get me books for Christmas).
    Just thought I’d mention this, not that you need to take my invitation at all. I am writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice involving all the original characters of the book. There are no zombies or a focus on one particular family. In fact, the Bingly’s, the Darcy’s, and the Benet’s all sort of melt into one family during my sequel. It is titled Duty and Honor, and I am posting it a thousand words at a time on my blog. It all started out as an exercise in rationality (I often wondered what the De Bourgh’s would do to Mr. Darcy for marrying Elizabeth), and ended in a quadruple wedding scene, with two taking vows, and two renewing their vows. I suppose one wedding begets another!
    And I’ve given away too much. If you want to, stop by. I’d love to know what another writer thinks of my work.

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