Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Untitled-1I blog. I Facebook. I Tweet. I Instagram. I even occasionally YouTube.

But lately, I’ve done a lot of pinning on Pinterest.

As someone who enjoys magazines–from magazines about fashion, home, travel, and writing–Pinterest is a great way to “collect” ideas electronically. Don’t get me wrong, though. I have still spent a fortune on home decorating magazines.

The house we’ve moved into is 40 years old and has been lovingly and beautifully restored on the inside. I love the character of the home.

And now what I love about Pinterest is the ability to share pretty photos and information in a setting where we can gather ideas, assess them, use them as tools to help implement ideas, and then actually put them into motion. I like the idea of “pin boards;” they work well for me.

The photos above are (1) the photo inspiration I liked from Pinterest that inspired my half bath on the main level, and photo (2) is what was implemented. While I didn’t replicate it exactly (I originally was going to use white shelving, but the trim in my house is cream colored, so it didn’t work as well), I still used the photograph as my blueprint. I opted for the wire and wood shelves because it added texture and it went well with the brown accents in the mirror and the light fixture. The walls are pink, the only pink in the house, and there is artwork that you can’t see hanging opposite the potty.

So far, Pinterest has not lead me astray, and as my mother always says, “Imitation is the most sincere from of flattery.”


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