Home Ec Class & A Conversation with My Son

HomeEcThe conversation I am about to relay unfolded in this manner this morning, with three surprises as the result. It went something like this:

“Mommy, guess what we made this week in Home Ec?” (They call it something other than this in schools today, but I choose to ignore it…it’s termed something like Family & Consumer Science, but Home Ec works just fine for my storytelling puposes.)

“What, honey?”

“Eggs with turkey in these little cups. It was really good.”

I am astonished to hear him utter these words, as my son is the pickiest eater in our household. I often watch him turn his nose up at the most delectable of dishes.

“Sounds interesting,” I say.

“Can I make them this morning? I have the recipe.”

“Well, we might not have time this morning…I have a meeting on campus, and I need to get you off to Nanny’s and Poppy’s house. Can we do it tomorrow on Saturday?”

“No, I want to make them now. It won’t take long. Ellie will help me.”

“Ok,” I say, “but I need to jump in the shower, so be careful. Don’t burn your hands on the stove.”

“I won’t,” he says. Then, he calls down the stairs, “Come on, Ellie!”

I go into the shower wondering what the heck is unfolding in my kitchen. This is a big first for me. My son is in charge in the kitchen. They’ve never been left to their own devices in there, let alone with my son leading the charge. I am bewildered: Chef Matt is making some unknown, and hopefully edible, concoction from Home Ec class.

It all seems a bit peculiar.

Surprise #1: They survive in the kitchen alone.

* * *

After I dress, I hear Matt call up to me. “I have one for you, Mommy.”

I walk down the stairs and the table is set, and there is my petite egg and ham meal on my plate. A glass of juice is even poured for me.

“Wow!” I say.  “For me? This is a first. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he says, proudly.

The three of us sit down and enjoy our meal of this Home Ec Egg/Ham/Turkey Dish, toast, and juice.

And therein lies surprise #2.

* * *

We eat it and like it. There is nothing left to say.

And that, my friends, is surprise #3.

* * *

I don’t remember making anything in Home Ec class that either looked tasty or was edible. Ever.

For my little meal this morning, I am thankful. My son learned his way around the kitchen, and I didn’t have to make breakfast.

That makes it worthwhile to celebrate today’s middle school Family & Consumer Science class.

Long live, Home Ec.


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