The Neighborhood Improvement Committee

HOARulesA couple of years ago when I started blogging, it was recommended that I take a look at a blog called “The Meanest Mom.” I took the recommendation and followed it.

And I loved it.

It is unfortunate, however, for those of us who enjoy being active members of the blogosphere—both reading and writing in it—to know that “The Meanest Mom” is still on hiatus, hopefully writing a book of some sort. I may be her first customer, because I find her incredibly witty and laugh-out-loud funny.

I thought I’d link to one of her most amusing posts. When you’re a homeowner and a member of an HOA (Homeowners Association), you can’t help but find this topic worthy or your time—and a laugh.


The Neighborhood Improvement Committee (by The Meanest Mom)

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  • Seb

    The average American homeowners association is the greatest single argument in favor of Ayn Rand’s philosophy I can think of.

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