I’ve Had A Lot On My Mind

keep-calm-and-wrap-it-upLately, writing has been way, way down on the TO DO LIST. I’ve been far too busy and absorbed in other things to make time to write a blog post. While it may seem to many that writing a blog post takes as much effort as flushing a toilet, on the contrary, it takes thought, patience, and the ability to carve out the time for it.

The truth is, I’ve had a lot on my mind, and it hasn’t been “when will I write my next blog post?” My family and I are moving, and our house has been on the market since Friday morning. There’s been a lot of buzz, so we’ll see. Additionally, I took four students from our public relations club to Pittsburgh for the annual Eastern Communication Association conference along with my colleagues Leeanne and Chip, where the three of us presented our academic papers. It was great fun; stimulating ideas were shared, we bonded with the students, and we learned what we can do for next year’s conference. My son hasn’t been feeling well, we have crazy baseball and softball schedules, and sometimes I actually prepare a meal for the family. Add to that bundle the fact that I’ve had oodles of grading as we are in final exams week, and you can see, there’s little time for anything else.

Let alone trying to be creative with a blog post.

In a few days, the semester will be over. I will have time to pack and get organized to move. I will have coffee with friends. I will sit outside in the sun and feel the warmth of it on my face. I will shoot hoops with my kids. I will take my husband out on a date. I will watch the Orioles play ball.

And alas, I may actually write a solid blog post again.

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