Pride of the … Teacher (not Yankees)

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The last few weeks I have been watching my students step it up. From making public relations crisis communication plans in public relations class to making pitches in advertising, they have come a long way over the course of the semester. When you witness their growth as they go into high drive and succeed at real-world application exercises, there’s a sense of pride that comes with it. I think to myself these thoughts: I taught them how to do it, but even greater, they learned from it.

In the magazine writing class, we’ve put our magazine online. It’s only the second semester we’ve taken it to a new level and actually published something. I’m very proud of their story innovation and their leadership in completing their stories and getting them to their editors on time.

Later in April, we’ll be taking students to the Eastern Communication Association Conference in Pittsburgh, where my colleagues and I will be presenting papers. The students will have the opportunity to sit in on panels and presentations and start to generate ideas for next year’s conference when they will hopefully have an paper accepted.

I say it all the time: I have the best job in the world. I adore teaching and helping students become better writers, thinkers, and planners. My own writing is something I do on the side, because ultimately, my goal is to send these very bright students off into the universe to become even more accomplished than they already are.


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