My Own Home Office: In Need of a Makeover?

HomeOffice2Yesterday I blogged about home office spaces and what inspires. I need a space that inspires. Since I spend a lot of time writing in there, I thought I’d go ahead and share my current space, despite the fact that I’d love to do a makeover in this room. While the desk is functional, I don’t like the color or its lack of femininity. I’d like to go with something lighter (or whiter). I do love my chandelier and clock in the room. My friend, Jenny, gave me the READ sign. The walls are a light blue, and the curtains are pink, with the addition of the pink light lamp from Pottery Barn. The rocking chair was my late grandmother’s.

HomeOffice!I do have white bookshelves, though they are nothing special. They are from Ikea from years ago.

I typically enjoy being in my office when it’s neat and tidy like it is here in the photographs. As you can see, I also have an Orioles Cooperstown Bear that I treasure, a gift from Mrs. Angelos, owner of the Orioles, from my days when I worked there. My National University diploma for my MFA hangs on the wall. I’m pretty proud of that particular artwork.

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  • mandyevebarnett

    If the desk is real wood not veneer you can give it a bleached look but sanding down then using diluted white paint brush over. The grain will show through but the darkness will be lightened. Or you can just sand & paint full on gloss paint! Or get what I call sticky backed plastic and stick over veneer.
    I love your set up I need to ‘separate’ my space from the living room and your bookcase has given me an idea…thanks.

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