Low-Budget Ideas That Your Valentine Will LOVE

hearts.jpgLast year, my Valentine’s blog post was about putting some effort into your Valentine’s cards and that sending a Valentine’s text just won’t do.

Sorry, but in the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

So this year, I thought I’d provide some ideas that your Valentine will LOVE without breaking your bank, or lack thereof. I’m a firm believer that it’s the effort one gives towards a gift that counts more than the actual gift itself.

That said, here are some low-budget ideas in the name of LOVE.

Hearts of LOVE.

One year, when my husband and I were first together, I cut out about 50 hearts and put them all over the house. When he came through the front door, each of them lead to different places all over the house with messages on them. Each message was tailored just for him, and all it cost me was the price for construction paper (and a good pen).

Jar of LOVE

Get a mason jar, or any other type of jar, and write down 25 things, 50 things, or 100 things you love about your significant other. Cut them into little strips and use scissors to make them curly. Decorate it and give it as a gift. He or she will enjoy reading each of the items you’ve cut out and put inside the jar. You could even do 52 reasons why I love you…one for each week, that way it’s the gift that gives all year.

Write a LOVE poem.

I know it’s not the easiest thing for people to do, but poetry no longer needs to rhyme. You can just write beautiful poetic prose that you can give to your significant other and it will mean so much because it comes from the heart.

heartcookieBake a big cookie heart of LOVE.

Cookie dough is very inexpensive, or you can make your dough from scratch. Form the entire mass of into the shape of a heart, like a Mrs. Field’s cookie, and give it as your gift. You can attach a little note that says, “My love for your is bigger and sweeter than this enormous cookie.”

LOVE Coupons.

The trick with giving someone a coupon is that the coupon must be easily redeemable. Think of creative things like a coupon good for some of the following: free backrubs, “you pick the movie” night, complimentary car wash, home cooked dinner of your choice, free Saturday morning to yourself, errand girl/boy, etc. You can also add some “romantic” ones that might not be particularly G-rated for my blog audience, but you get the picture.

Make An iMovie Made with LOVE.

While I didn’t do it for Valentine’s Day, I did do it for my husband’s 40th Surprise Birthday Party—I made an iMovie for him. It takes a little bit of time, but with a library of photographs of our family, friends, and activities, I made it relatively easily, and then copied it onto a disc. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and the best part is, you get to select the song(s) as your background music..

CdcoverBurn a CD of LOVE.

Speaking of songs, put your significant other’s favorite music on a CD. I know everyone loves iTunes—and so do I—but if you put the collection on a CD and make a cover for it, it’s just that much more special. Inscribe it with a special message that will be meaningful for years to come.


  • Jack Flacco

    I’ve seen the Hearts of LOVE in play at my friend’s house. I wondered what they were, but apparently no one bothered to removed all of them when we arrived. So reading them–yes, how can you avoid reading one taped on the bathroom wall?–caused me to blush, considering I didn’t know what they were!

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