Five Hump Day Hilarities

SnoopyLaughingFirst: Last night I watched the parody from Saturday Night Live during the news segment with “Ray Lewis.” Honestly, I was crying I was laughing so hard. It’s just good, funny stuff as the Ravens are in the spotlight this week as they head to the Super Bowl. Baltimore is a happy town.

Second: As my husband works in advertising sales, and I teach an advertising class at Stevenson, I couldn’t help but show my students the ad my husband sent over. It’s so cute and makes you laugh. I thought I’d share it with you…check it below.

Third: I don’t know about you, but when I go to the theatre to see a musical, I actually expect to see and HEAR the show. What I got on Sunday night when I took my daughter to see “Beauty and the Beast” in Baltimore at the Hippodrome was a Choir of Coughing. The woman who sat behind me incessantly coughed (as did others from around the theatre; it was sort of a Coughing in the Round)…and I mean INCESSANTLY coughed…so severely that I actually started timing her. The cough occurred about every minute to every minute and a half. So, you can clearly see, that if I were timing her coughs, I was just a wee-bit distracted from the show and the performances. To further illustrate just how profound the effect of her coughing was, when intermission came, the woman who was sitting about four seats over from her with her husband and not with that group said to me, “I thought she was going to hurl in your hair.” I prayed at intermission that she would get some water and some cough drops. I prayed it would be different. It wasn’t. The second act was worse than the first.

I’ve never had a show ruined like that by someone’s sickness. If you’re that ill, you should probably stay home and trade your tickets in for another night. When people pay $70 a ticket, they’d actually like to hear the show. While at the time I wanted to scream and have an out-of-body experience, I didn’t. I’m doing my best now, however, to find the humor in it. The one plus: I’m sure my daughter and I will be talking about it for years to come and may even, at some point, get a chuckle out of it.

Four: As my 12-year-old son was clearing out and reorganizing his notebook for the new quarter, I was helping him with his recycling pile. In it, I found a card. From a girl. She had made it by hand, and it was lovely. “Who’s this from?” I asked him. “A girl in my class,” he said. There was slight embarrassment on his part, so to ease that feeling, I said, “Well, that was nice.” Ooooohh. Already.

Five: My husband came home last night with THE BEST OF KOOL & THE GANG. What ensued was a lot of dancing around the house. The four of us, a bunch of crazies, were dancing to “Get Down On It.” I’m pretty sure the blinds were up and the neighbors may have witnessed some supreme silliness.

Happy Wednesday.

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