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The idea of naming your home, manor, mansion, or castle came into play in Britain and is a custom for those who were incredibly well-off. Often, the home was linked to a place in which it was located. But it wasn’t just the rich folks who named their houses; you would also find tradesmen and merchants naming their homes as well. Soon, it became common practice that anyone could name his home.

Here in the States, it is not a common practice to name our homes, although it’s more prevalent to see homes named in resort towns. In Duck, North Carolina, where my family and I vacation, we love to see the names of the homes people come up with. Names like “Vitamin Sea,” “On A Whim,” and “Sea Breeze” are a few names you find seaside.

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In literature like that written by Jane Austen, part of Mr. Darcy’s appeal was that he owned “Pemberley,” a magnificent majestic manor that sat on acres and acres of land. Part of Darcy’s appeal was who he was, but let’s be real, it was also his vast wealth. Likewise, the popularity of “Downton Abbey” reassures us that it is fascinating to watch how the wealthy live in their enormous homes, ripe with drama and intrigue.

When I drive to work and I travel down Greenspring Valley Road, I see a large home on a lot of land. At the foot of the drive on Greenspring Valley is a sign, as inviting as the property itself: it reads “Come By Chance.” So there are those here who do name their properties.

Have you ever thought about naming your home or vacation home? And if you have one, what is its name?


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