Mitch Albom, A Time Keeper, and Popularity

My copy. Happy to have it in hand.
My copy. Happy to have it in hand.

After I had my teeth scraped, cleaned, flossed and gagged on my fluoride treatment this morning, I headed off to one of my favorite places on the planet: Barnes & Noble. My Mitch Albom book had arrived and was waiting for me at the front desk.

When she handed me my copy of it, I stared at it. “The Time Keeper. A Novel.” I love the cover. The cover of this book is very simple, yet very cool. Most of Albom’s previous books have lacked images or drawings, but not this one. This one looks and feels nostalgic.

I read the first sentence of the prologue: “A man sits alone in a cave.”

Bingo. In one short sentence, Albom applies years of mastering his journalistic skills and writing a strong lead, and wham-o!, we’ve got a novel with intrigue.

Who is the man? What is he doing there in a cave? Where was he before and where will he be afterwards? When did he get there? Why does the man sit alone in the cave? How did he come to be that way?

Every time I pick up one of his books, one word pops into my mind: creativity. He takes a simple idea and makes it creative and worth reading. That’s the crux of his popularity: everyone can relate. In his novels and nonfiction stories, something is relatable, and we, as readers, are often reminded of a life lesson.

I’m salivating. He may not be the most beautiful writer of prose, but I’ve never been too keen on that. It’s storytelling that wins me over, and he’s one of the best. That’s why I, and millions of others around the globe, love Mitch Albom.

I’m looking forward to reviewing “The Time Keeper” after I finish “The Kitchen House,” which I am enjoying. I’m quite certain I’m in for a treat.




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