Hurricane Sandy Postpones Walls and Her Glass Castle

Photo credit: Susan Polger

* * *

Weather can take its toll on things; it can knock out boardwalks, destroy homes, cause boats to drift out to sea, flood apartment buildings in Manhattan and elsewhere, and leave millions of people without power. Hurricane Sandy dumped on the East Coast, and now we’re trying to rebound. I sit here thankful that the only damage my property suffered was a tree that’s now leaning across my front living room picture window.

Jeannette Walls’ appearance at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall tonight as part of Stevenson University presents The Baltimore Speakers Series has been postponed. I was so looking forward to not only hearing her speak, but also to meeting her at the reception afterwards. I had the distinct honor of writing the Professor Prologue about her for Stevenson University, and it’s posted on our website here.

Therefore, hearing about her journey as a writer, daughter, sister will have to wait. In the meantime, I’ve purchased her most recent book, “Half Broken Horses,” a novel about her grandmother, to read.

For those of you on the East Coast who endured Sandy, I hope you are safe and experienced only minor inconveniences.

And so, we are here in the aftermath of the storm. And we will wait patiently as we return to our regular, daily routines.

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