Fashion Friday: The Most Helpful Style Books

So, we’ve been doing these fashion posts all summer. I’ve enjoyed the feedback I’ve received. Many of you like it, and I’m glad. And even though I’m not going to commit to writing a fashion post every Friday, I may resume it in the spring, and I’ll be sure to post your spring wardrobe checklist. For now, as school is about to start and I’m going to be pretty busy, I’ll try to throw one in now and then for fun.

To keep you entertained in the meantime, I am listing my favorite books that I own in my Fashion Library. I read all of these books and love them; each of them serves a different purpose. So, if you want to check one out from your own library or purchase one to keep, here are the ones I think are the most helpful. I’ve provided links to Amazon so you can read about each. These books will help you you understand your shape, dress your shape, dress your age, wear the right colors, and help provide more instruction on how to build a wardrobe. I’ve learned a lot from these publications.

Happy Friday. See you next week.

Before You Put That On, by Lloyd Boston

 InStyle Secrets, by InStyle Magazine

 InStyle The New Secrets of Style, by InStyle Magazine

InStyle Instant Style, by InStyle Magazine

The Lucky Shopping Manual, by Lucky Magazine

What Not to Wear and Dress Your Best, by Stacy London & Clinton Kelly

What Not to Wear, by Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine

What You Wear Can Change Your Life, by Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine

Ready to Wear: An Expert’s Guide to Choosing and Using Your Wardrobe, by Mary Lou Andre

Color Me Confident: Change Your Look – Change Your Life by Vernique Henderson and Pat Henshaw

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