If You’re a Reader, Sign Up and Participate on Goodreads.

I’m so glad for summertime and the always entertaining chit chat we participate in poolside. If it weren’t for those talks, I may never have signed up for Goodreads. Goodreads is an excellent way to share what you’re reading with friends and acquaintances alike.

Whether you’re a voracious, serious reader, or a casual reader, Goodreads is a site that will help you find out what other folks are reading and liking. Why? Because people can rate and comment on the books.

For those of you who’ve been on Goodreads for a while, you’re ahead of me. I decided to write about it because when I’ve  attended book club meetings to discuss “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” and when I mention Goodreads, not everyone has been enlightened. I’m embarrassed to say that I only just got into it this summer.

For example, I just finished the book “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. I rated it on Goodreads and wrote a review. People who are “friends” with me can see what I’ve said about it and why I liked it. Additionally, once you’ve rated 20 books, Goodreads will recommend books to you based on what you’ve read and liked, and also separates it by genre. Also, you can keep track of books you’d like to read in your own list. It’s a great way to hear about books you might not otherwise know about.

I also created my own author page on Goodreads. I can see who recommends my book, “Beneath the Mimosa Tree,” and how readers have rated it. It might sound a little scary from an author perspective, but it’s actually quite helpful to hear comments. It can only help my writing in the future.

So, if you haven’t checked out Goodreads and you like to read, do it. You may find some wonderful books you’ll enjoy and then recommend to others. For more information on the site and its value to readers around the world, click here.

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