Hometown Publicity

At my first book signing at Stevenson University. Click on the photo to go to The Severna Park Voice.

If you can’t count on your hometown to give you a little book publicity, who can you count on? I’m so thrilled that The Severna Park Voice covered my first book talk and wrote about it in its latest issue (click on this to read it). Thanks to Meredith Thompson, the journalist who covered the story, and Hayley Gable Bowerman, Editor of The Severna Park Voice, for deciding to feature it. It’s such a thrill.

To my friends who went to Severna Park High School with me, it’s great to see our town is still what it always was–a tight knit group of people who love where they live. Honestly, it’s the reason why I chose our old stomping grounds as the backdrop of my novel. I wanted other people to see Annapolis (and surrounding areas) as I saw it and still see it today–as a warm, loving community that remains scenic and beautiful.

The more talk and promotion the book receives, obviously, the better it will do. I rely on my readers to help spread the word about it. It’s tough being a one man band and trying to get people to notice it in the vast Amazon jungle of noteworthy reads. I’m so thankful The Severna Park Voice wanted to share the news of it.

It’s not too late to get it as a Mother’s Day gift. Jenny’s cover photograph is getting lots of praise, and I can’t tell you enough how it makes my day to hear someone say they liked the story. It’s about regret, forgiveness, family, and love. My characters have a lot to say…I’d love it if you’d give them a listen.

Besides, when you’re through reading it, you may want to indulge in some tasty food and drink, such as a little eggplant parmesean, which you can always wash down with a Mistletoe Martini and a chocolate chip cannoli. Michael and Annabelle are fans of all three.

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